Uninstalling Microsoft Sharepoint Services x64

Uninstalling Sharepoint Services in a 64 bit server with Windows 2003 SP2 by using add/remove programs leaves behind some internal databases.

Furthermore, uninstalling it appears to have an impact in IIS, wherefore IIS needed to be uninstalled, reinstalled.

Here are the steps followed, part of them found ‘googling’ for Sharepoint Services x64 uninstallation / IIS uninstallation.

1. Remove SharepointServices using add/remove programs.
2. Go to C:\Windows\SYSMSI\SSEE\MSSQL.2005\MSQL\DATA and manually
 remove all sharepoint internal databases
3. Remove IIS
4. Reboot the machine
5. run aspnet_regiis –ir (notice that if you run
aspnet_regiis -i in the x64 system it not only doesn't work but
the message that appears seems to imply the need to look for
another application that does the same task.)
6. Go to add/remove > Microsoft .net2.0 Framework service pack 1
7. Go to IIS Manager, Web Service Extension - ASP.NET v2.0.50727
set it to Allow
8. Reinstall Sharepoint.  Notice that the default web site is
disabled. Enable it and thus the process ends.

After going through the above steps the installation worked reliably.



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