Short python program to change voltages in rpi gpio pins.

First I installed python:

sudo apt-get install python-pip

and then a library for gpio:

sudo pip install rpi.gpio

Once that was done, the following python script sets a high and low voltage to physical pin 11. Note: the physical pin 11 corresponds to GPIO 17.  The physical pin 6 corresponds to Ground.  For additional details and diagrams refer to:

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import time
for i in range(5):
   print ‘——————‘
   print ‘now in repetition:’,i
   print ‘ON…’
   print ‘OFF…’

To run the program above, I created a script and ran it as shown below:

sudo python

Note: additional information for the rpi unit:

linux distribution: ID=debian

user: pi

password: raspberry

 available from: MCM electronics:


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