Connecting to the raspberry pi via TightVNC Viewer

The information below was taken from the link:    The modifications I used are underlined.

Well here we go.

Login to your RPi with putty

#sudo apt-get update  #run this if you need an update
sudo apt-get install vnc-server

follow the instructions to add a server password confirm the password say no to the view only option

Close your putty window but leave your RPi running if you reboot shutdown or restart your RPi you will need to re-run vncserver from the command line as it’s not added automatically to the start up script.

NOTE: If you use sudo su or sudo bash or one of the other commands to change to a root login to install vnc-server you need to get back to a pi login before you run vncserver to set the password it goes through the motions if your logged in as root but if you look at the response root is debarred from this action.

Setting up the PC

Now you need to get some software for your PC use your browser and visit

I got the Installer for Windows (32-bit) (1,744,896 bytes) rather than the Java viewer [florespino remark]

Go to

Start | TightVNC Viewer

Type your IP address for your RaspberryPi followed by the port 5901 into the Remote Host field.  E.g.

Click connect.  You will be asked for the password you setup when installing vncserver in the rpi.

And voi’ la:
Inline image 2


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