How to setup a headless raspberry pi via wifi

The steps to setup a headless raspberry pi involve installing the usb wifi, in this case I used the Edimax EW-7811Un.

The site is very clear and it explains how to setup:

1. To start with, I have a headless rpi connected via Ethernet cable:

2. install the wifi usb using the $10 usb device.  I mind you, there are two pitfalls in running the otherwise excellent script

Hence, first backup /etc/network/interfaces file.  I copied it to interfaces.bkup

The first problem is, don’t copy and paste it to a windows text editor.  That process introduces strange characters.  Just download the file to your pc and then copy it to the rpi via:  scp pi@x.y.z.a://home/pi/ .

The second problem is, if you enter the password for your router incorrectly then the usb wifi is partially installed and it doesn’t work properly. You will need to remove the /etc/network/interfaces file and restore the original interfaces.

3.  Once you run the script and enter the proper user id and password for your wifi network, you can find out the ip address with: ifconfig. That’ll give you the inet addr of your wifi connection to the rpi !

Note:  For additional details about installation, check out the instructions given in:


One Response to “How to setup a headless raspberry pi via wifi”

  1. rick Says:

    This is cool! Thanks for the helpful info!

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