Toshiba Satellite: Upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

This post shows the steps needed to upgrade from Windows 8.0 into 8.1. 

The motivation for this is to be able to bypass the lock screen and the applications screen and to go directly to the Desktop.  This appears to be possible only with Windows 8.1 as it is explained in the link below:

So I set off to download windows8.1, which can be obtained for free for 8.0 users from this link

Once on that page click on the link WINDOWS STORE, which you will find surrounded by the text shown below:

“Already running Windows 8? Update to Windows 8.1 for free through the Windows Store.”

Make sure that your power settings are such that the disk never go to sleep or hibernate and the display never turns off.

With my internet connection it took several hours to download the 3.5 GB upgrade. I left it overnight downloading. It appears that after it finished downloading, it automatically restarted the laptop, which was unattended.  The day after I found out that the installation had finished.

Toshiba has some precautions prior to installing the upgrade:

However, as I said, I couldn’t get to act on them because the upgrade had finished, yet the upgrade appeared to have finished successfully.

I setup the laptop to boot to the desktop as mentioned in the link above: see the part highlighted:


Now my laptop has a look and feel closer to what I am used to.


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